Professional Management: Today’s real estate market presents a diversified portfolio of properties requiring many various management services and resolution to solving problems. LynCo, Properties is dedicated to solving these problems. With over 35 years of experience, LynCo manages each individual business venture to maximize its full profit potential and increase the value of the investment.

Accounting Services: We provide a full accounting service which provides valuable checks and balances. Financial reports are prepared and conveyed monthly to all owners for the prior month’s operations. We work closely with our owners in the preparation of a yearly budget that meets the needs of the property and the owners.



Professional Property Management Software: LynCo uses Rent Manager 12 which is one of the most current systems available and dedicated solely to the property management industry and provides accurate reporting of all facets of operations. All work orders, asset management and PDF documents are backed up to the software daily.



Staff Training: To ensure that your assets are in good hands, we provide continual staff training on marketing techniques, leasing, resident selection, and all parts of maintenance, purchasing, software updates, resident relations, fair housing and legal issues facing our industry to enable the staff to improve the bottom line and property operations.


Maintenance Program: Properties are continually inspected to determine any deferred maintenance items and property hazards that need to be addressed at once. Quarterly inspections of every individual apartment dwelling are conducted to check smoke detectors, plumbing, HVAC and general condition to prevent surprise challenges and mitigate future maintenance items.




Marketing and Leasing: LynCo stays current on the trends in marketing efforts by competitors to keep high occupancy on our properties. Through resident activities we can reduce the turnover of residents and increase resident satisfaction and acquire future residents from referrals of existing residents.



Licensed Contractors on Staff: By employing licensed Plumbing and HVAC contractors we can mitigate the large expenses usually incurred by outside contractors in these trades and allow us to pass the savings on to our owners.




Insurance Negotiations: Through our close association with several reputable insurance agents, we work to get the best coverage for each of our properties at the best price. We have a master policy that we look at to determine if it fits the specific property needs and best coverage for the best price. If a claim is made against a property we handle the negotiations with the agent and claims adjuster to assure the property is getting the maximum dollar reimbursed for the loss.



Oversight of Renovations: LynCo has completed millions of dollars of both exterior and interior renovations for our owners and their properties. We work with our owners to determine the needs of the property and the scope of work, whether it is upgrades or completing work under an insurance claim. We also receive bulk supplier pricing discounts with several of our vendors in the tristate area.


Refinancing: Whether due to a loan maturity or high interest rates, owners may need or want to refinance their asset loan. We work with our numerous connections in the lending industry to help make this process seamless to our investors.




Due Diligence on New Acquisitions: If considering a real estate purchase, we provide due diligence service to work side by side with the current owner to assess the value of the real estate through property, individual unit inspections, review financial operations and assist in the preparation of a budget



Current on New Legislations: When new laws are introduced and/or passed that may impact the property management business, we stay current on these to determine if your property may be affected.